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School of Acoustic Guitar

Multiple award-winning acoustic guitarist, performer and teacher, Tony Cox is now offering students an acoustic guitar course from grades 1 to 8, that yields qualifications recognised world-wide.

The Registry of Guitar Tutors at the London College of Music (RGT@LCM) are the premier

guitar educators in the world today. All qualifications earned are certificated by the University of West London. From grade 6 upwards all UCAS points accrued can go toward a university entrance.

Tony is considered one of the finest teachers and performers of the acoustic guitar in South Africa today and has been a Registered Guitar Tutor member since 2009. With his expert guidance and your consistent practise you will eat your way through the grades. Using his extensive musical acumen and knowledge, Tony also has the ability to give you context for the work you’re doing so that the work lives and breathes and gains in dimension beyond that laid down by the syllabus.

Have a look at RGT’s introduction booklet and their acoustic guitar syllabus

RGT@LCM - Acoustic Guitar Booklet

RGT@LCM - Acoustic Guitar Syllabus

If you’re keen to secure your place and get stuck in, simply write to Tony at Classes are available at a cheaper rate than individual lessons, CLICK HERE for the cost.


Study grades 1 to 8 with the RGT@LCM syllabus, overseen and administered by the London College of Music

The RGT@LCM Acoustic Guitar Syllabus

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RGT@LCM Qualifications