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School of Acoustic Guitar

Ever wanted desperately to take guitar lessons but just lived too far away? Maybe there are no teachers AT ALL in your town. Acoustic guitarist, teacher, award-winning recording artist, Tony Cox is offering 1-on-1 lessons via SKYPE. All you need is a PC, a strong broadband, a good cam and of-course your guitar and you're ready to access Tony’s vast knowledge and guitar expertise.

Want to sign up? Send Tony an email and he’ll give you all the details of how ridiculously easy it is to get you started.

Please read through the details of the conditions where you will find clear definitions of being enrolled as Tony’s student. RATES


Here are some reviews from my Skype students:

Michi Schwankhart (Ballito, Kwazulu-Natal, SA)

I have been with Tony for a year now and I have learned more in that year than I did in the previous 4 years of playing. So happy about that. Not only is he a master guitarist but he knows how to teach. I was sceptical at first about the Skype lessons, but now I prefer it because I can record everything and then refer back to them when I am practising. That is a huge help because previously I would walk out of a lesson and will have forgotten most of it by the time the next lesson rolled around. So clearly, I highly recommend Tony :)

Cheryl Neaves (Cape Town SA)

I'll echo that...Tony is incredibly patient. Skype lessons are as good as the real thing, perhaps better because after the lesson you carry on playing without having a traffic break, so you consolidate what you've just learnt. And Tony doesn't miss a thing. A great teacher who will get the most and the best out of you. Such a kick to jam with him.

Anthony De Richelieu (Sweden)

Hey guys. I have been taking Skype lessons with Tony for over 8 months now. Through my travels I find myself taking lessons in hotel rooms, on yachts, in offices and at conferences. Tony is very flexible and one of the most patient teachers I have ever met. One thing I can guarantee you is that he has it all. He started with me as a complete beginner and I am convinced that I can stay with him for a very long time to come. Tony and I have actually become really good friends and when I am in Cape Town I frequently pop into his place and grab a cuppa tea and a little jam session. Give him a try. You will love it.

Sandeep Menon (India)

I am from India, I found Tony Cox through social media and I decided to give it a try. I started the classes with him more than a year ago, still continuing. Till this this time I have NO regrets, in-fact the Skype lessons are the best way to learn the Guitar. And Tony Cox, obviously you have got a great teacher who will get inside you and inspire you to grow as a Guitar player. In the beginning I was stuck with the plectrum to strum only chords and a few leads. But now, what ever I am playing now it's only because of Tony Cox. He gave me perfect practicing tips, scales, arpeggios.. now I am playing solos also with my fingers. He is very patient and keen that he will make you a perfectionist. He has inspired me ALOT! Apart from that, Tony is my good friend for lifetime. I am really sad with only one thing that I could not meet him, but hopefully someday I will meet him and also would like to perform with him on a stage :) I highly recommend this. Go for it, you will love it!!!!!

Wayne Van Ry (London, UK)

Skype is an amazing format. I started with Tony about a year and 9 months ago with the lofty ambition of playing "House of the rising sun" as an ode to my late father. Little did Tony know that he would have to endure my whining for a few months till I got over that initial hump. Now my guitar, is the first thing I grab when I get home from work and the guitar has adopted a little brother *oops. Thanks Tony for the amazing gift and yes I have been working on my tri-ads, etc etc.

I have been with Tony for a year now and I have learned more in that year than I did in the previous 4 years of playing’ - Michi Schwankart

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